Hello my name is Ms. Heard. Please join me as I travel to Nova Scotia to study small mammal populations!

Monday, March 26, 2012

This afternoon we went on a four mile walk along the coast as a test to see if we could spot signs of animals along the way.  We found signs of porcupines in the form of poop and trees stripped of their bark.  It turns out porcupines love to eat bark because they find it sugary.  Don't try this at home, boys.  I also got to smell some mink poop.  It turns out that mink poop is the second yuckiest smelling poop.  Can you guess what animal leaves the smelliest poop of all?  We also saw poop from bobcats and coyotes.  Can you guess how we could tell whether poop was from a predator or not?  Here are a photo of a tree that a porcupine snacked on and mink poop (with a car key to show you how big it is.)


  1. Hi Ms. Heard!

    First of all, we believe that the smelliest poop comes from animals that only eat meat. So we think it could be people, lions, komodo dragons, and sharks.

    We think that you can tell that an animal is a predator because you can see parts of the animal it eats in its poop.

    Thanks for your blog!


  2. Hi 1T,

    Weirdly, some predator poop smells good. I have been told that otter poop smells like jasmine tea. Skunk and mink poop smell really, really awful.

    You are right about the clues that the poop came from a predator. The poop will have hair, bone, etc in it. In fact, coyote and bobcat poop turns white after many months because of all the calcium in it.

    Ms. Heard