Hello my name is Ms. Heard. Please join me as I travel to Nova Scotia to study small mammal populations!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Today I had a few hours to meet the other Earthwatch team members in the Halifax airport while we waited to be picked up.  I discovered that this is a fun group of teachers from a wide range of schools around the U.S.  On the long drive down the coast to the cottage where we stay, I got some preliminary information.  As I expected, it is unlikely I'll get to see a fisher cat (oh well), but I should get lucky seeing a porcupine if the weather warms up over the two weeks.  And maybe some other fun animals like beavers.  Also, I will learn how to pick up a wild mouse.

As you all show up for school in warm weather dress code, you might get a kick out of knowing that it was snowing and sleeting here as we ate dinner.  The house I am staying in is cute, but only the ground floor is heated.  I have been assigned a room on the second floor.  So if you have put two and two together, then you now realize I am sleeping in an unheated room while it snows outside.  Brrr.  Well, as long as the road is not slippery when I run at dawn tomorrow, then I'll be happy.

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